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5 Effective Steps for Working from Home and Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis

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Introduction: The Challenge of COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has put businesses worldwide to the test. As the infection spreads relentlessly, the end to the lockdown seems far off. Many companies fail to adapt and suffer the consequences. On the other hand, some businesses have successfully transitioned to remote work (also known as WFH) and are thriving in the market.


According to MarketWatch, 43% of small businesses in the USA may permanently close due to the COVID-19 crisis. Financial Times reports that the virus has already affected 21,000 UK businesses in March, and these numbers are likely to rise if the global economic downturn persists.

Step 1: Surviving the Lockdown

During this crisis, it is crucial to prioritize survival. Imagine falling into deep water: the first step is to focus on surviving before planning the rescue. Similarly, businesses should find ways to weather the lockdown and then devise strategies to overcome the crisis.

Surviving the lockdown entails working from home, reducing expenses, pausing new business initiatives, and saving revenue for essential needs. Implementing these temporary measures will help businesses minimize the damage caused by the crisis.

Step 2: Monitoring Expenses and Revenue

Assessing fixed and variable expenses, as well as revenue, is crucial for businesses in this challenging situation. This evaluation provides a clear picture of their financial standing amidst the economic crisis, enabling them to plan for the future accordingly.

It is essential to adapt the business model to align with the current market conditions. While reconsidering the strategy, businesses must be mindful of their financial runway. This evaluation takes on even greater importance during a pandemic.

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WFH and Covid-19 impact on businesses

Step 3: Planning for the Future

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, its duration remains uncertain. Businesses should prepare for various scenarios, including the worst-case scenario. Formulating policies and business models ahead of time gives them a competitive advantage once the market starts to recover.

It is advisable to plan for three different lockdown durations: three months, nine months, and eighteen months. Immediate cost-cutting measures like hiring freezes, marketing reductions, and restricted travel are suitable for a three-month lockdown. For a nine-month lockdown, fixed expenses such as office rent and salaries should be renegotiated. Sales strategies should shift from physical to virtual. An eighteen-month plan may require a complete overhaul of the business model, which should be communicated clearly to all stakeholders for effective implementation.

Step 4: Avoid Hasty Decisions

In times of crisis, it is prudent not to rush into new business plans. While a strategy might have been highly successful in normal circumstances, the current economic climate is challenging for businesses worldwide, reminiscent of the 2008-2009 recession.

Prepare and refine business plans for future implementation rather than acting impulsively in the present. The current upheaval in the market is not suitable for experimenting with new strategies. Wait until the pandemic subsides, and the market stabilizes before executing your plans in sync with the prevailing conditions.

Step 5: Embrace Patience

During these financially turbulent times, cultivate patience, and avoid succumbing to panic. Encourage a calm and composed environment in your business to alleviate pressure on employees, enabling them to contribute to the company’s success effortlessly. Utilize this lockdown period to strengthen relationships with customers, as this will have long-term benefits.

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The International Monetary Fund predicts a 5.8% growth in 2021 (source). Therefore, let us prepare our businesses for growth and reap profits when the economy stabilizes. It is crucial not to panic and instead wait for the pandemic to subside before achieving success in the recovering market.

World Economic Outlook

Conclusion: Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis

Governments worldwide have implemented economic stimulus packages to revive their economies. With the right policy support and cash flow, the global economy will eventually bounce back. Businesses worldwide must stay positive and united in overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19. While the pandemic’s trajectory remains uncertain, following the steps outlined above provides a solid foundation for successfully navigating the crisis.

This article covers only a few of the many strategies available for SMBs to work from home and thrive in the current market. For further information on overcoming the COVID-19 lockdown and achieving significant business growth, consider consulting Soft Suave.

Remember, working from home offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Stay home, stay safe, and remain resilient during the lockdown.

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