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5 Legitimate Remote Work Opportunities

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In recent times, there has been a surge in remote work opportunities. This trend has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted traditional business operations on a global scale. Terms like “telecommuting,” “remote work,” and “telecommute jobs” have become part of our everyday vocabulary. But what exactly do these terms mean and what job opportunities do they entail? In this article, we will explore the concept of telecommuting and discuss five legitimate remote work options that offer viable career paths.

What is Telecommute?

Telecommute is a combination of the Greek root “tele,” meaning “long-distance” or “far away,” and “commute,” which signifies a regular journey to and from your workplace. In the past, this journey used to be physical, but with advancements in technology, it no longer has to be. Telecommuting now refers to a situation where individuals perform their job duties remotely, outside of a company’s physical office. This can be achieved through telecommunication options such as phone, email, or internet platforms.

While telecommuting was traditionally associated with certain roles like freelancers or field maintenance personnel, it has now expanded to encompass a broader range of remote telecommute jobs. This includes:

The Remote Worker

The remote worker is someone who carries out their job responsibilities from a location other than their employer’s physical offices. This category includes sales and maintenance workers, as well as individuals working from a place outside their usual employment station.

The Virtual Worker

Virtual workers have the freedom to choose where they work, as long as they have access to telecommunications facilities and an internet connection. Typically employed as contractors, they operate without the need for a physical office. Depending on the industry, there may be occasional requirements to work from specific locations to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

The Work From Home (WFH) Worker

Work from home jobs cover a wide range of activities, from home-based crafting and service jobs to online positions that require internet access. While these individuals are often expected to be available during standard office hours, they have the flexibility to determine their own schedule and work from the comfort of their homes.

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Legitimate Remote Work Opportunities

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are seeking opportunities to work from home. As we adapt to the “new normal,” and traditional office-based jobs face uncertainty, remote work is becoming increasingly appealing. Here are five legitimate remote work opportunities that offer economically viable options:

1. Customer Service

Many companies are outsourcing their customer service departments to remote workers, both on a regular basis and during seasonal peaks. Home-based customer service representatives are responsible for engaging with consumers or platform users, addressing their queries or complaints, and providing support. This can be done through phone calls, emails, or chat services.

Basic computing skills, good communication abilities, and a high school diploma are typically the minimum requirements for this role. Candidates must also have access to a quiet work environment, high-speed internet, and possess problem-solving capabilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median wage for customer service representatives in this category is $34,710.

2. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks are tasked with maintaining financial records for various organizations and ensuring their accuracy. These roles can be primarily performed from home, with occasional direct communication with clients. The ability to manage time flexibly and occasionally work overtime is important.

While certain industries now employ automation that reduces the demand for these roles, the current market still offers a median annual wage of $41,230 for individuals in this field.

3. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry jobs generally do not require prior training, but candidates must possess strong computer and typing skills. The ability to use common software platforms like Microsoft Office and Google’s G Suite is also essential. Data entry specialists are responsible for inputting information from physical or handwritten records into computer systems, such as bills, reports, or medical records.

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Although this role can be repetitive and requires long hours of sitting, it offers high demand due to its minimal skills requirements. The median wage for data entry specialists is typically around $16 per hour.

4. Medical Transcriptionist

As healthcare professionals often dictate their observations and activities into audio devices, medical transcriptionists play a crucial role in converting these voice recordings into written reports. Technological advancements and the rise of outsourcing have made many of these jobs available remotely. Voice recordings are provided as downloadable audio files, and written reports are shared through document sharing platforms.

With the expansion of healthcare services, the demand for medical transcriptionists is expected to grow. The median salary for this occupation is $33,380 per year.

5. Teacher or Tutor

Teaching English as a second language has become a popular option for remote workers. Additionally, the shift to online learning for students worldwide has created a demand for instructors at various education levels. Teaching positions often require a computer with a high-quality webcam, proper lighting, noise-canceling headphones, and fast internet. Depending on the situation and subject matter, additional software may be required.

The median annual wage for instructors at different education levels varies: $56,850 for kindergarten, $59,670 for elementary school, $61,660 for high school, and $79,540 for tutors at colleges or universities.

In summary, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the remote work revolution. As we continue to adapt to the changing landscape, various legitimate work from home opportunities are emerging. Customer service, bookkeeping, data entry, medical transcription, and teaching are just a few examples of careers that offer viable options for remote work.

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