9 Best VAPT Companies in India

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What is VAPT?

In the rapidly growing digital landscape, cyber threats are increasing every day, making companies more vulnerable to attacks than ever before. This is where Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) comes into play. VAPT helps businesses identify and fix vulnerabilities in their systems. This article will discuss the top VAPT firms in India and what you should look for when choosing a VAPT solution.

What is the Difference Between VA and PT?

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the process of identifying, classifying, and ranking security vulnerabilities in a system. Penetration Testing (PT), on the other hand, exploits these vulnerabilities to determine if they can be used to gain access to sensitive data or systems. VAPT audits are crucial security measures that every business should take to protect their systems from attacks.

3 Key Differences Between VA and PT

  1. Depth: VA and PT differ in terms of depth. Penetration testing delves deeper into a system to search for complex vulnerabilities.
  2. Human Involvement: PT involves more human participation compared to VA.
  3. Cost: Penetration testing is a more expensive process due to its in-depth nature and human engagement.

What Should You Look for in a VAPT Company in India?

When choosing a VAPT solution, there are certain factors you should consider. Here are 5 things to look for:

  • A comprehensive approach: The best VAPT companies take a holistic approach to security. They not only assess and test your system but also provide recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities.
  • In-depth analysis: A good VAPT company will go deep into your system to find even the most challenging vulnerabilities.
  • Up-to-date tools and techniques: The top VAPT firms employ the latest tools and techniques to assess and test your system, enabling them to discover even the most sophisticated threats.
  • Unbiased testing: The best VAPT companies conduct unbiased evaluations and provide impartial reports to help you make informed decisions about your security posture.
  • Experience and expertise: Choose a VAPT firm with experience and expertise in assessing and testing systems to ensure accurate results.
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What Should You Expect from a VAPT Solution?

A reliable VAPT solution should provide comprehensive security analysis and testing, capable of discovering even the most challenging vulnerabilities. It should seamlessly integrate with your workflow, offer continuous automated testing, and allow you to switch between VA and PT. Furthermore, free rescans should be available.

Now that you know what to look for in a VAPT company, here’s a list of the best VAPT companies in India:

  1. Astra Security

    • Key features: Continuous vulnerability scanning, CI/CD integration, interactive vulnerability management dashboard, and best-in-class human support.
  2. Appsecco

    • Key features: Vulnerability management as a service, application security assessment and training, secure development lifecycle (SDLC) consultancy.
  3. Securelayer

    • Key features: Application security testing, PCI DSS compliance services, web application firewall (WAF), and managed security services.
  4. High-Tech Bridge

    • Key features: Automated web application security testing, software composition analysis, mobile application security testing, and SSL/TLS encryption.
  5. Cenzic

    • Key features: Application risk management platform that includes automated web application scanning, vulnerability management, and reporting.
  6. Qualys Vulnerability Management

    • Key features: Cloud-based vulnerability scanner with integrations for popular CI/CD tools such as Jenkins.
  7. Burp Suite

    • Key features: Interactive web application security testing platform with a suite of tools for identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.
  8. Dependency-Track

    • Key features: Vulnerability management for software dependencies, container security, and open-source components.
  9. Snyk

    • Key features: Vulnerability management for open-source dependencies with integrations for popular package managers and CI/CD tools.


In conclusion, VAPT is a process that helps organizations identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in their systems. It is important to choose a VAPT company with experience and expertise in assessing and testing systems. The top VAPT companies utilize the latest tools and techniques to evaluate and test your system, providing unbiased and objective assessments. A good VAPT solution should offer comprehensive security analysis and testing, capable of finding even the most challenging vulnerabilities. Select a VAPT company that best suits your needs to ensure the security of your system.

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