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BT Trials New and Speedier 5G Technology in Leeds

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Leeds Becomes One of the First UK Cities to Adopt Cutting-Edge 5G Tech

People in Leeds have something to brag about as their city becomes one of the pioneering locations in the UK to be equipped with the “latest state-of-the-art 5G technology.” According to a recent blog post, BT has commenced trials in Leeds to test a 5G technology called C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Network), which utilizes cloud computing for seamless 5G connectivity.

Enhanced Speeds and Connectivity with Innovative C-RAN Technology

The introduction of C-RAN technology brings forth numerous benefits, including faster speeds, increased user capacity, and compatibility with smaller devices and existing infrastructure like lampposts and CCTV systems. This technology requires less hardware, resulting in more cost-effective solutions and the ability to establish simplified and flexible networks.

BT Wholesale has strategically placed C-RAN units at pivotal locations in Leeds’ city center, thereby significantly improving coverage and connectivity for users. EE and Three are currently utilizing this infrastructure for the trial, ensuring their customers can enjoy faster 5G connections right in the heart of the city. BT will closely monitor the impact of this infrastructure upgrade on 5G accessibility during the trial period.

Get Ready for BT’s 5G Upgrade in Leeds

To take advantage of BT’s improved connectivity in Leeds, it’s essential to have a 5G-enabled smartphone. If you’re an EE or Three customer in Leeds, you can make the most of the enhanced connectivity offered by BT’s trial. And the good news is, you can easily find great deals on 5G smartphones at our recommended providers. Visit our article on the best Three phone deals and best EE phone deals to grab a 5G smartphone at a fantastic discount. If you prefer another carrier, check out our top O2 phone deals, Virgin Media deals, and Vodafone phone deals, where you’ll find enticing offers on some of the best phones available in the market right now.

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