DevOps Trends That Deserve Your Attention

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The Importance of Monitoring Your DevOps Operations

Have you ever taken the time to assess your DevOps department? If you’re like many companies, you probably only think about it when something goes wrong. However, by the time issues arise, they may have already reached a critical point and will take a long time to fix.

It’s crucial to perform regular check-ins to ensure that your DevOps is operating smoothly. One area to pay close attention to is server divergence, as it can introduce bugs and missteps that can disrupt your company’s day-to-day operations.

The Key Factors in Maintaining a Well-Functioning DevOps Team

Running a DevOps division effectively requires addressing various aspects to ensure it functions like a well-oiled machine. Fortunately, the tech world offers a range of open-source and free software options that can help you overcome these challenges. To learn more about maintaining a healthy DevOps environment and explore available solutions, refer to the information provided in the graphic below.


Nurturing and Managing DevOps for Optimal Results

DevOps is quickly becoming the standard for many IT organizations, as evidenced by the prevalence of related programs at IT Service Management and Technology conferences. However, merely adopting DevOps is not enough to unlock its full potential. It requires effective nurturing and management to provide true value to your business. Take the time to evaluate your own DevOps initiatives. Are they functioning optimally? Do the team members in these environments feel empowered to contribute meaningfully? Do your customers comprehend your objectives? Are you implementing DevOps because it aligns with your business goals, or simply because you think you should?

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While DevOps may not be suitable for every enterprise, for those it fits, it can deliver tangible business benefits. However, it’s crucial to give it the attention and focus it deserves in order to fully capitalize on this way of working.

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Common Challenges in DevOps and Their Solutions

To ensure that your DevOps team doesn’t encounter significant issues, there are several valuable check-ins you can employ. One important aspect to monitor is server divergence, as it can introduce bugs and missteps that can disrupt your company’s day-to-day operations. Automation is a key solution for most DevOps challenges, as it eliminates manual intervention and the potential for human error. Additionally, dealing with change can often be problematic in a DevOps environment. If a version upgrade requires weeks of manual work, there is clearly a flaw in the process. No software should be manually installed on a server. Instead, administrators should primarily focus on writing and fixing software in repositories, rather than troubleshooting them on servers.

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