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Google Smart Speaker Vulnerability Allows Unauthorized Listening

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Imagine the feeling of vulnerability knowing that someone could be eavesdropping on your private conversations within the confines of your home. Recent research conducted by Matt Kunze has revealed a concerning flaw in Google Home smart speakers. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to the microphone and other functionalities of the device, effectively spying on you and your family.

Unveiling the Vulnerability

As reported by AndroidCentral, Kunze stumbled upon this vulnerability while experimenting with a Nest Mini. He discovered that it was possible to create a rogue or “backdoor” account using the Google Home app. With this account, a malicious actor could remotely control the smart speaker, gaining access to its microphone feed and other features.

Exploiting the Vulnerability

When exploiting the vulnerability, the attacker can manipulate the smart speaker through cloud API commands. The cloud API acts as an interface for communication between computer programs. By obtaining the device’s name, certificate, and Cloud ID, the hacker can request a link to the smart speaker from Google’s server. This link enables the attacker to perform various actions, such as conducting online transactions, controlling smart appliances, and even unlocking doors.

Unauthorized Listening

Most alarmingly, the hacker can activate the smart speaker’s microphone remotely, allowing them to listen in on conversations happening in the vicinity of the device. By executing a specific command, such as “call [phone number],” the microphone picks up audio and transmits it to the attacker’s smartphone. This disturbing capability is demonstrated in a video recorded by Kunze, exemplifying how a malevolent actor can exploit the Nest Mini’s microphone to invade your privacy.

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The malicious setting which allows the smart speaker to capture audio from the speaker's microphone


Fortunately, Kunze promptly reported the vulnerability to Google, leading the tech giant to address the issue. In April 2021, Google released a firmware update to fix the vulnerability. As long as users are running the latest firmware, they need not be concerned about this particular security flaw.


This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining vigilance when it comes to the security of our smart devices. While Google has addressed this vulnerability, it is crucial for users to stay informed about potential risks and regularly update their devices to protect their privacy and security.

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