Google Voice Update: Enhanced Call Quality on Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks

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Stay Connected with Google Voice

Are you in need of a secondary phone number that can still ring through to your smartphone? Look no further than the Google Voice app. This service allows subscribers to make calls and exchange text messages using a separate number. Whether you want to keep personal and business calls separate or need a dedicated number for your enterprise, Google Voice has got you covered. Even when you’re on the move, incoming calls to your business number will seamlessly reach your smartphone.

Google Voice App

Your Personal and Professional Calling Solution

The best part? Google Voice is absolutely free to use for personal purposes and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as the web. As long as you make or receive a phone call using the number provided by Google at least once every six months, you can retain that number for the subsequent six months. However, if the assigned number remains inactive for more than six months, Google will reassign it to another Voice subscriber.

Google Voice on Mobile

Beyond Calls and Texts: Voicemail Management

But that’s not all! Google Voice also serves as your personal voicemail hub. In addition to storing your voicemails, the app offers automated transcriptions of your messages. You can save these transcriptions for future reference or easily share them with others.

Google Voice Voicemail

Pricing Tiers for Business Users

For businesses, Google Voice offers tiers to suit different needs. The “Starter” tier costs $10 per month per user, allowing calls to up to 10 domestic locations. The “Standard” tier, priced at $20 per month per user, offers unlimited domestic calls with no user limit. And for unlimited domestic and international calling, businesses can opt for the Premier tier at $30 per month per user, also with no user cap.

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Improved Call Experience with Automatic Network Switching

Google has recently introduced a valuable update to Google Voice. According to a Google Workspace support page, the app now automatically switches ongoing calls between cellular data service and Wi-Fi networks to ensure optimal call quality. Previously, the app determined the ideal network only when a call was initiated and did not account for changes in network performance during the call. Now, Google Voice continuously evaluates network conditions and seamlessly switches to the network that offers the best call quality. This feature is available to all Google Voice users.

Improved Call Quality

Get Google Voice for Your Smartphone

To enjoy the benefits of Google Voice on your Android device, tap here. For iOS-powered phones, press here to get started.

With Google Voice, you can effortlessly manage your calls, texts, and voicemails while enjoying the best call quality on the most suitable network. Stay connected, stay productive!

(Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation of Google Voice.)

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