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How to Safely Prepare for Returning to Work

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Return to Work Tip: Consider Screening Capabilities

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, making sure that everyone in the workplace has been tested is crucial for a safe return to work. Fortunately, COVID-19 screening and testing capabilities have improved significantly worldwide. Implementing staggered testing can ensure the safety of all employees. Gradually reintroduce employees to the workplace as they get tested, while keeping them distanced from those who haven’t been tested yet.

Return to work

Promote Social Distancing

As employees return to work, it is important to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While the recommended distance is 2 meters, it may not always be feasible. Consider implementing a shift pattern where different groups of employees work on different days throughout the week. By reducing the number of people in the office at a given time, it becomes easier to maintain a safe distance. Additionally, encourage remote working and ensure teams stay connected through video conferencing and instant messaging.

Return to Work Tip: Be Understanding with Everyone

Recognize that certain individuals within your organization may be at high risk due to underlying health conditions or living with vulnerable family members. Respect their concerns and explore alternative ways of working that accommodate their needs. Compromises might be necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees.

Implement Remote Working

If you haven’t already, consider incorporating remote working into your routine. For example, you can go into the office on a shift basis to collect supplies and files, and then work on them from home. Leaders should strive to make the remote working experience as smooth as possible. Determine which software and technology can enhance communication and address any concerns openly and promptly.

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Return to work tips and advice

Get Everybody on the Same Page

When planning the return to work, actively involve employers, team leaders, managers, and employees in decision-making. Recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable during these unprecedented times. Stay updated on the latest guidelines and procedures for dealing with COVID-19, including symptoms and measures to reduce its spread. Educate your staff and ensure they make informed decisions about staying home if they experience any symptoms.

Compromises Need to Be Made

Maintain a phased approach when organizing the return to work. Instead of immediately resuming normal operations, consider implementing a phased plan. Each phase should align with relevant laws and distancing requirements, which can change over time. Progress to the next phase only when all guidelines from the previous phase have been met.


To ensure a safe return to work, careful planning and consideration are essential. Follow these tips to prepare for returning to work in a protected manner:

  1. Consider screening capabilities to guarantee safety.
  2. Promote social distancing and find suitable solutions for your workplace.
  3. Be understanding of employees’ individual circumstances.
  4. Implement remote working to enhance flexibility.
  5. Foster collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.
  6. Adapt to changes and make necessary compromises.
  7. Organize your return to work process in phases.

By following these guidelines, you can create a safer work environment and minimize the risk of errors.

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