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HubbleIQ: Providing Free IT Assistance for Every Connected Business User

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In a recent series of posts during the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021), my colleague William Goddard from IT Chronicles introduced the concept of the “corporate consumer.” This term refers to business technology users who rely on consumer apps and services for their personal activities and expect the same level of engagement and usability in their work-related technology.

Personally, I find this term quite fitting. As someone who values efficient and effective tools, I came across a software solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands and desires of corporate consumers. What’s more, this software can be beneficial for any connected individual, whether they are workers, students, shoppers, or gamers who somehow manage to squeeze in some personal time amidst their busy schedules.

Hello? Is This Thing On?

As the pandemic has shown, working remotely or from almost anywhere else offers numerous advantages. However, there is one dreaded aspect that every remote worker, learner, and gamer fervently wishes to avoid: internet connection problems.

Connection issues are troublesome even in office or school settings where onsite technical support is readily available. Unfortunately, most of us cannot have a dedicated tech support person traveling with us at all times. And while it may be amusing to watch car owners pretending to understand the complexities of their malfunctioning vehicles, no one enjoys unexpected interruptions in their internet connectivity.

This is where HubbleIQ steps in. The company specializes in what they call “Intelligent Remote Connectivity Management.” In essence, HubbleIQ assists enterprises in quickly identifying and resolving connectivity problems for remote users, ranging from educational institutions to businesses. Their platform assesses and monitors connectivity, security, and access to online tools and services. If any issues arise, HubbleIQ provides recommendations for resolution based on real-life scenarios, all explained in simple and actionable language.

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Connection Help as Near as Your Browser

However, what truly stands out and proves immensely useful for remote users is the free HubbleIQ extension designed for Google’s Chrome browser. This extension can be installed within seconds from the Play Store. Once activated, it performs a comprehensive speed test on your Wi-Fi connection. It then informs you whether your connection is optimal or compromised. In case of slow speeds, the HubbleIQ extension promptly suggests straightforward recommendations and provides clear explanations through their online Help Center. Additionally, if you decide to reach out to your internet service provider, the extension allows you to easily share current and historical speed test results.

And here’s the best part: the HubbleIQ extension is entirely free. In my experience, it outperforms any other online speed test I’ve used. It empowers remote users to assess the quality of their home Wi-Fi or any other location and independently address basic connectivity challenges.

But that’s only the beginning. If you’re responsible for managing remote users in an educational, business, or other enterprise setting, the HubbleIQ platform enables you to oversee and coordinate connected groups, providing consolidated information on user experiences. It also offers direct communication of incident reports and mitigation efforts to those responsible for resolving them. If you’re interested, the HubbleIQ website provides free trials, demos, case studies, and further information.

Hubble IQ: Designed for the Corporate Consumer

The HubbleIQ Chrome extension serves as an exemplary illustration of how business software should look and function. It is incredibly easy to install, user-friendly, unintrusive, and communicates information clearly. It does exactly what it promises and integrates seamlessly with other tools. In a nutshell, it possesses the same accessibilities, engagement, and instant usefulness as the best consumer software, but with a clear focus on professional tasks.

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Join the 10,000-plus users, including myself, who have already downloaded the HubbleIQ Chrome extension from the Google Play Store. Take the opportunity to use and explore it and then compare it with the tools you currently rely on for your daily work. Even if your Wi-Fi connections are consistently flawless, this experience will provide you a glimpse of what accessible and engaging business software can achieve. You can then share this insight with those involved in purchasing, developing, and deploying the software your organization employs.

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