Insane Charging Speeds: Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition Charges 10X Faster than Galaxy S22 or iPhone 14

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Pushing Boundaries with 210W Charging

Some companies prefer to play it safe, sticking to the tried and tested, while others are willing to take risks and explore unique features. And the Redmi Note 12 Explorer edition is certainly pushing boundaries with its mind-boggling charging capabilities.

This $400 mid-range phone comes bundled with a charger that is far superior to what other companies offer. Resembling a laptop charger in size and weight, this charger boasts a USB-C port. Surprisingly, apart from its larger dimensions, it appears rather ordinary, considering its extraordinary charging capabilities.

Capable of delivering a staggering 210 watts of power, this charger can fully charge your phone in just nine minutes. Yes, you read that right—nine minutes, not ninety, and not even nineteen!

Hands-on with the Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition

Naturally, we had to put the Redmi Note 12 Explorer to the test ourselves.

Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition (210W) Charging Speed Test:

Insane Explorer Edition phone brings 10X faster charging than Galaxy S22 or iPhone 14 we test worlds fastest 210W charging

  • In 3 minutes: 38% charge.
  • In 5 minutes: 58% charge.
  • In 9 minutes: 86% charge.
  • Full charge in less than 15 minutes.

The results are fascinating! Starting the test with the phone at a mere 2% battery level, we immediately received an on-screen confirmation reading “210W Max.” This reassured us that we were indeed charging at the fastest speed.

It’s worth noting that the last percentage point took nearly a minute to fill up, confirming that the charge does slow down towards the end of the cycle.

By the way, don’t you think it would be helpful if all phones displayed a similar notification indicating their charging speed? It would certainly aid in choosing an optimal charger.

Slightly Slower Results and Battery Life Concerns

Now, back to the results. Why did it take us nearly 15 minutes for a full charge, when Xiaomi promises only 9 minutes? You must consider that smartphone manufacturers conduct their measurements under absolutely ideal conditions. This means that Xiaomi most likely charged the phone while it was powered off, while we had it turned on. Additionally, Xiaomi probably avoided waking the phone during the charging process, whereas we frequently checked the battery level and woke the screen. These seemingly minor factors can slow down the charging process.

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The other major concern with such fast charging speeds is the potential impact on long-term battery life. Many people believe that fast charging accelerates battery degradation and reduces lifespan. However, various phone makers utilizing similar fast charging techniques have debunked this notion. Most companies use larger chargers with special chips that dissipate heat, protecting the phone’s battery from damage. Although there are additional techniques involved, official data suggests that fast charging does not actually degrade the battery faster than normal. So, the common belief is incorrect.

Moreover, the Redmi Note 12 Explorer uses a GaN charger (gallium nitride), which enables these extraordinary charging speeds and compact charger sizes. The charger can deliver 20 volts and 10.5 amps of current, resulting in a total power delivery capacity of 210 watts. Truly exciting technology, don’t you think? Perhaps Xiaomi could have given it a more captivating name, like “Magic Charging,” to highlight its advanced new tech.

Redmi Note 12 Explorer: A Solid $400 Phone

The Redmi Note 12 Explorer is now officially available for around $400. It features a 6.7-inch 1080p OLED screen and a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor. Additionally, it boasts a 200-megapixel main camera that promises exceptional image and video quality. Here’s a quick overview of its specifications:

Redmi Note 12 Explorer Specs Highlights:

  • Dimensions: 162.9 x 76 x 9 mm, weighing 207.5g
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB UFS 2.2 storage
  • 200MP main camera + 8MP ultra-wide + 2MP macro
  • 4,300mAh battery
  • 210W wired charging
  • Android 12 with MIUI 13

For more in-depth details about the Redmi Note 12 Explorer, check out the Redmi Note 12 Explorer specs page on our website.

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The Redmi Note 12 Explorer comes with a 200MP main camera
Image Credit – PhoneArena

Speaking of the camera, the real advantage of a 200-megapixel camera lies in something called pixel binning. Xiaomi cleverly combines 16 pixels into one super pixel, resulting in more information and cleaner, low-noise shots in dark environments. This technique is expected to be used by the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra as well.

While the main camera on the Note 12 Explorer performs admirably, it’s important to note that this phone is not primarily a camera phone. The ultra-wide camera, for example, exhibits subpar quality.

In essence, the Redmi Note 12 Explorer is a solid $400 mid-range phone. Its MediaTek 1080 chip outperforms most competitors in this price range, it offers 8GB of RAM (more than other phones in this segment), and provides 256GB of onboard storage.

The real excitement, however, stems from the future implications of this technology. Imagine flagship phones charging fully in just 10 minutes. This transformative feature changes the way we use our phones, while simultaneously ensuring our batteries don’t degrade faster.

What are your thoughts on this technology? Would you be willing to pay for a phone that charges fully in just 10 minutes? How important is rapid charging to you?

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