Mac Allister’s Father: From Maradona to Messi

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A Unique Legacy: Football Through Generations

A Remarkable Connection

Carlos Javier Mac Allister, once a teammate of the legendary Diego Maradona, now proudly watches as his son, Alexis, stands alongside Lionel Messi in the Argentina national team.

Carlos Mac Allister and Diego Maradona
(Courtesy of The Guardian)

A Father’s Emotions

Reflecting on his son’s journey, Carlos Javier Mac Allister’s eyes well up with tears. Words fail him as he tries to articulate the overwhelming pride and joy he feels. “I cry a lot,” he admits, his voice trembling. “But… I try to be alone.” This emotional moment replays in his mind, a testament to the depth of his love and admiration for his son.

A Football Dynasty

The Mac Allister family’s connection to football runs deep. Carlos Javier Mac Allister himself enjoyed a successful career as a professional football player. Alongside his brother, Patricio, he even founded the Club Deportivo Mac Allister. Their devotion to the beautiful game is further evident through their sons. Kevin and Francis, both talented footballers, represent Boca Juniors and Rosario Central respectively. Additionally, their cousin has found success on the soccer field in Malaysia.

Carlos Mac Allister with his sons
(Courtesy of The Guardian)

From Maradona to Messi

Carlos Javier Mac Allister’s journey includes unforgettable moments with Diego Maradona. However, he readily acknowledges that Lionel Messi has claimed the title of the greatest player of all time. “Only compare Messi with players of his time,” he advises. “But look, Messi is now the best player of all time. He’s also the best player in the World Cup, at the age of 35; it’s like his birth certificate was forged.”

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Alexis Mac Allister with Lionel Messi
(Courtesy of The Guardian)

A Father’s Wisdom

Mac Allister emphasizes the importance of individuality and finding one’s own path. “Children are not remote controlled objects,” he asserts. While he is undeniably proud of his children’s achievements, he recognizes that their success is a result of their own hard work and dedication. Mac Allister also reveals that his children have inherited values from their mother, highlighting the role of the family and the football academy in shaping their character.

A Shared Passion

Football is deeply ingrained in the Mac Allister family’s identity. A visit to the Argentina team’s hotel reveals their unwavering dedication to the sport. Even in their leisure time, they watch matches together, analyzing every detail with enthusiasm. Mr. Mac Allister recalls a heartwarming incident when the Villarreal side praised his children’s knowledge of the game. Their passion for football is evident, and their commitment shines through in their continuous pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Mac Allister with his children
(Courtesy of The Guardian)

A Father’s Legacy

As his son Alexis makes strides in his career, Mr. Mac Allister reflects on the joy he feels witnessing his son’s progress. He admits to having lost a valuable gift given to him by Maradona, a watch that symbolized their deep bond. However, he cherishes the memories they shared and the lessons learned from their time together.

The Messi-Mac Allister Connection

Watching his son play alongside Lionel Messi, Mr. Mac Allister believes he is experiencing his very own World Cup. He passionately shares his admiration for Messi’s ability to handle pressure and his unwavering dedication to the national team. The unique bond between the team’s captain and his teammates is heartfelt and inspiring.

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Messi and the Mac Allister family
(Courtesy of The Guardian)

A Lasting Legacy

Carlos Javier Mac Allister remarks on the importance of acknowledging the idols of the past while embracing the present. Transitioning from idolizing players to playing alongside them requires a strong personality and a deep love for the sport. His children have found their own path, combining their inherited values with their unique identities. In their journey, they have become teammates with their childhood idols, fulfilling dreams they once thought were far beyond their reach.

The Mac Allister family’s remarkable legacy in the world of football is a testament to their passion, dedication, and love for the game.

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