Make Alexa part of your life with this Echo Buds (2nd Gen) and Echo Dot (3rd Gen) deal

You are interested in Make Alexa part of your life with this Echo Buds (2nd Gen) and Echo Dot (3rd Gen) deal right? So let's go together look forward to seeing this article right here!

If you are in the market for a new pair of earbuds and have always wanted to tell Alexa to flip a coin or track your orders, you should definitely check out this offer.

At the moment, Amazon is selling its 2nd-generation Echo Buds earphones and Echo Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker as a bundle with a 46% discount. This means that if you take advantage of this offer, you will get the earbuds and the speaker in one package and save $74.99 in the process.

Echo Buds (2nd Gen) + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle: Now $74.99 OFF at Amazon

Grab the Echo Buds (2nd Gen) and the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) from Amazon and save $74.99 in the process. The Echo Buds (2nd Gen) offer good sound, noise cancellation, and hands-free access to Alexa. As for the Echo Dot (3rd Gen), it has improved speaker quality and is Amazon’s most compact smart speaker.

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The 2nd Gen Echo Buds are compact, light, and comfortable. They are sweat-resistant, offer active noise cancellation, and have good sound. But their biggest advantage is their hands-free access to Alexa. Oh yeah, with these bad boys you take Alexa with you wherever you go. You can tell Alexa to call someone, set a reminder, or move your music from one Echo device to your Echo Buds and vice versa. The earbuds are also privacy-oriented. You can mute their microphones using the Alexa app.

As for the Echo Dot Gen 3, Amazon promotes it as its “most compact smart speaker that fits perfectly into small spaces.” Just find a good spot for it and bring Alexa to your home as well. Furthermore, this generation has improved speaker quality, which means that you will enjoy louder, clearer sound when you are chilling at home.

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