Nothing Ear Stick Review: A Basic, Yet Impressive True Wireless Earbuds (at an Affordable Price)

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Nothing Ear Stick Design and Fit

The Nothing Ear Stick, with its distinctive cylindrical shape and sleek transparent design, is truly an eye-catching gadget. The charging case, made of transparent plastic, allows you to showcase your earbuds while providing a comfortable grip. Weighing only 46.3 grams, the case feels substantial yet lightweight in your hand.

However, compared to traditional square-shaped charging cases like AirPods and Galaxy Buds, the cylindrical shape may not fit as neatly in your pocket. It can make your pocket feel a bit bulkier, and depending on how tight your pockets are, you may not even be able to fit anything else in them, let alone the case. Plus, it might look a little awkward with a cylindrical-shaped bump on the side of your pants. But overall, it’s not uncomfortable.

The earbuds themselves resemble the previous Nothing Ear (1) model. One notable difference is the absence of rubber eartips. This can be a positive aspect for those who find rubber eartips irritating during prolonged music listening. However, for some users, the lack of eartips and passive isolation may be a concern, potentially resulting in weaker sound quality.

The earbuds could have been more user-friendly with clear “left” and “right” markings instead of the small “ear (stick)” text under the plastic exterior. Initially, it can be challenging to determine which earbud goes where. Furthermore, there are no “L/R” markings on the case either, making it less intuitive. However, once you figure out the orientation, the earbuds offer a comfortable fit. You can adjust them deeper into your ears for a better seal and stronger bass or keep them more relaxed for extra comfort. Either way, they securely stay in place, making them suitable for workouts. Additionally, the Nothing Ear Stick is IP54 dust, water, and sweat resistant, ensuring durability during intense exercise sessions.

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Nothing Ear Stick Sound Quality

Despite its affordable price tag of $99, the Nothing Ear Stick earbuds provide surprisingly impressive sound quality. The audio is crystal clear and has a wide soundstage when the songs are mixed accordingly. When needed, the bass response is satisfyingly deep and clean. While it may not offer the most powerful bass, it still delivers a flat and realistic sound signature. It’s noteworthy how far true wireless earbuds have come in terms of sound quality. Considering the price point, these earbuds are a steal.

It’s worth mentioning that the Nothing Ear Stick does not feature active noise canceling (ANC). If ANC is essential to you, consider opting for the older Nothing Ear (1) model, which comes at an additional cost of $50.

Nothing Ear Stick Touch Controls

The touch controls of the Nothing Ear Stick resemble those of Apple’s AirPods. Instead of using tap gestures, you squeeze the stem of the earbud to trigger various actions. This design choice ensures that accidental touch gestures are kept to a minimum, unlike other brands’ touch controls. The squeeze gesture is highly responsive, and you receive satisfying audio feedback with each use.

With the press controls, a single squeeze allows you to play and pause, a double squeeze skips to the next song, and a triple squeeze rewinds the current track or goes back to the previous one. These controls offer a familiar and user-friendly experience.

Nothing Ear Stick Connectivity

Pairing the Nothing Ear Stick with both iPhones and Android phones is effortless and quick. The top of the case, resembling a magnet, serves as the pairing button. Simply press it if the earbuds don’t automatically pair. The Nothing Ear Stick utilizes Bluetooth 5.2 for seamless connectivity with various devices, including computers and tablets, not just smartphones.

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Nothing Ear Stick Battery Life

The Nothing Ear Stick earbuds impress with their battery life, surpassing expectations for a pair of true wireless earbuds. They offer up to 7 hours of standalone music listening time. When stored in the case between sessions, this extends to a remarkable 29 hours before requiring a case recharge. Comparatively, this surpasses the battery life of Apple’s 2nd-gen AirPods, which offers 24 hours of listening time. Although the case is not wireless charging-enabled, it compensates with rapid charging capabilities. Just a quick 10-minute charge provides up to 9 hours of playback time.


  • Surprisingly good sound quality for a $99 price point
  • IP54 dust, water, and sweat resistance
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Cylindrical case is not as compact as competitors’
  • No wireless charging
  • No active noise canceling (ANC)

PhoneArena Rating: 8.5/10

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