OnePlus 11 camera: everything we know so far

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OnePlus just recently came out with a date for its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 11, which is set to launch on February 7, 2023. Among other improvements, many are related to the phone’s camera system, which once again is branded by the Hasselblad logo.

According to the information that’s surfaced so far about the OnePlus 11’s camera, all camera sensors will be swapped for new ones including the selfie snapper. However, it seems like the company has made some rather strange decisions regarding the hardware.

OnePlus 11 camera upgrades: What we expect

OnePlus 11 rumored camera specs at a glance:

The first thing you notice about the OnePlus 11 camera (and about the phone in general) is its new design, which is now in a round, circular shape. That being said, it still takes up a huge amount of space on the back of the phone, much like the OnePlus 10 Pro. Whether you are a fan of this look or not is a matter of personal preference though, so let’s talk about what these snappers are actually made of.

The strange decisions we mentioned earlier start with the main camera of the OnePlus 11, which is said to be equipped with the 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor. The thing is that this sensor is usually used for ultra-wide shooters on other phones, so using it for the main one is a bit unorthodox.

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For the ultra-wide camera OnePlus has stopped on the 48MP Sony IMX581 sensor, which is not exactly flagship quality. The telephoto, on the other hand, comes with the 32MP Sony IMX709 sensor and only 2X zoom.

Last but not least, we have the new front-facing camera that is said to be the 16MP ISOCELL 3P9 (S5K3P9) sensor, which should be capable of some decent performance when it comes to video and good image quality for photos.

How many cameras will the new OnePlus 11 have?

The OnePlus will have three cameras on the back consisting of a main wide snapper, an ultra-wide, and a 2X telephoto. It will also have one front-facing camera that will sit in the top left corner of the screen in the form of a punch-hole.

How many megapixels will the OnePlus 11 camera have?

Here is the expected corresponding pixel count for each of the OnePlus 11 cameras:

  • Main (wide) — 50MP
  • Ultra-wide — 48MP
  • Telephoto (2X) — 32MP
  • Front-facing camera — 16MP

There is still some time until the OnePlus 11 gets announced, and there is a good chance we will learn much more about its camera system, so stay tuned and come back to this article every now and then, as we will be updating it regularly.

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