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Telegram’s Latest Update: Hidden Media, Space Saving, and More

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Telegram, the popular messaging app, ended the year with a bang by releasing an update packed with useful features and enhancements. This update brings exciting additions, including the ability to hide spoilers in media content, new space-saving options, additional drawing tools, and suggested profile pictures.

Hide Spoilers in Media Content

One of the standout features of Telegram’s latest update is the ability to hide spoilers in media content. Users can now cover photos and videos with a blur layer, ensuring the recipient has the option to reveal the content with a single tap. To utilize this feature, simply select one or more items in the attachment menu, tap the three dots icon, and choose “Hide with Spoiler.”

Telegram’s latest update adds ability to hide spoilers in media content

Streamlined Storage Options

Telegram has also introduced new ways to save space on your phone. One notable addition is the ability to set separate auto-remove settings for cached media in Private Chats, Groups, and Channels. This feature allows users to easily identify and clear storage-hogging files and media items in dedicated tabs for Media, Files, and Music.

Enhanced Performance for iOS Users

For iOS users, Telegram has reduced the time it takes for the app to calculate the cache size, bringing the performance in line with what Android users have already been enjoying.

Improved Drawing and Text Tools

The latest update revamps Telegram’s media editor, providing users with new and improved drawing and text tools. Drawing tools now dynamically adjust the width based on drawing speed and automatically smooth lines. Additionally, a new blur tool is available for users who need to send sensitive information. The update also introduces five highly accurate color selection methods for added customization.

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Text Customization in Photos and Videos

Telegram now offers more flexibility in adding text to photos and videos. Users can easily change the size, font, and background of text annotations. Importantly, this feature is available to all users, regardless of whether they have a Telegram Premium subscription. Additionally, users can now include custom animated emoji in text annotations on images.

Personalize Profile Pictures for Contacts

In its latest update, Telegram introduces the ability to assign profile pictures for individual contacts. Users can choose an image from their contacts and differentiate them from others. This feature ensures that the assigned picture is visible only to the user who set it.

With its recent update, Telegram continues to innovate and provide a seamless messaging experience. The addition of hidden media, improved storage management, enhanced drawing and text tools, and personalized profile pictures further cements Telegram as a top messaging platform.

Remember to update your Telegram app to enjoy these exciting features and make your messaging experience even more enjoyable and personalized.

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