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The fashion style is like no other of the office people in the Covid 19 season

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It can be seen that COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of people’s lives, including the style of office workers who are standard in choosing clothes for themselves.

The familiar outfits with suits, shirts and ties in the office are gradually falling out of favor. Instead, there is a rising trend of home-wear (sweatpants) and baggy pajamas to meet everyone’s needs for remote working and working from home.

COVID-19 hits women’s wardrobes

It can be seen that COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of people’s lives, including the style of office workers who are standard in choosing clothes for themselves.

“Since the beginning of last year until now, it is very normal for you to see someone dressed neatly from the waist up, but underneath is wearing a pair of shorts at home, that is completely normal,” said the designer. fashion Sascha Lilic commented humorously. “Because she’s in a Zoom meeting from her dining room.”

COVID-19 hits women's wardrobes

This wave of comfortable dressing is also “invading” offices in high-rise buildings.

“I even come across many people with only socks on their feet moving across departments to get documents or exchange work. This is rare before,” admitted Deanna Narveson, a reporter working at the newspaper office in Baton Rouge (Louisiana subcommittee).

“Even myself I’m dressing more loosely than before,” added Ms Narveson, though trying not to look too grumpy when it comes to dressing for days when she has to work from home.

For women, not having to pay too much attention to the outfit will help them have more time and energy to complete the assigned work.

“Clearly it saves a lot of time,” says Mitali Saxena, CEO of convenience fashion brand Fashom. “While most women take at least an hour to choose and prepare. With work clothes, now, with home clothes like t-shirts and leggings, they don’t even need to iron them before wearing to start an online meeting.”

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Like many others, Amy Ankeles, 32, has to work from home to “avoid” COVID-19. However, this urban lady in the most luxurious neighborhood of New York City still feels confident, comfortable and equally professional with her creative way of dressing.

“My motto is: dress ‘standard, no need to adjust’ on the upper body like attending an important meeting at work, but party style below,” Amy revealed the secret to dressing. with the TODAY Style newspaper.

Thanks to that, when appearing in front of colleagues via online meeting application, this woman still looks very professional like every day she comes to work at the office.

“No one will know I’m wearing pajamas and slippers underneath, unless I tell everyone,” Amy burst out laughing.

Men’s clothing styles have also changed

As reflected by office workers in many businesses, the change in the way employees dress occurs naturally with almost no intervention from the management or the administrative and human resources department.

“Shorts and T-shirts are a rarity at the Pentagon. But now there are a lot of them,” said Matt Triner, director of IT consulting firm Hunter Strategy, which is implementing a few software projects for the US government.

The style of dressing comfortably in a professional working environment in the office appeared long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit humanity, in which, the IT industry and the startup world were the leading areas. this trend. Even an area of work that seems to require attention to detail is banking has also entered.

“For the past two years, we are also applying the dress code in the direction of ‘flexibility’ by encouraging employees to decide for themselves how to choose the right clothes according to each person’s understanding, ” a spokesman for the multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs said.

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And when COVID-19 appeared, it was also the time when the trend of traditional formal office clothes was tragically “estranged”.

Covid work-from-home-fashion

Mr. David Hart, a fashion designer in New York, who made a fortune for a long time through the business of high-end men’s fashion, also had to change his strategy by displaying shelves full of clothes. wool, masks, pullovers and baggy pants.

“The pandemic has redefined the way people dress in the office, even for men,” says designer Lilic, who has worked for world-class fashion brands such as Hugo Boss and Elie Saab.

“Nowadays people prefer to dress comfortably and openly rather than being framed in rigid suits.”

According to Mr. Lilic, the way to dress in the workplace today will follow the trend of personalization; However, there is still a certain respect for the working environment.

“That means it’s impossible for a bank employee to take off his uniform to put on a rapper’s outfit and sit down and deal with customers.”

American costume designer David Hart believes that the way men dress in the workplace will return to the way it was before as soon as people control COVID-19.

“The straight suits and ties will revive after the pandemic,” said Mr. Hart.

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