The Glazers want to sell Manchester United for a record sport club price

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The Glazers expect to earn as much money as possible after selling MU to another partner in the future.
The Glazers want to sell MU for a record price
The MU homepage reports that the Glazer family plans to invite investors to buy the team on November 23.

ESPN revealed that American owners want to turn the sale of MU into one of the most expensive deals in sports history. The Glazers expect the “Red Devils” to change owners with a contract that reaches a record value of a sports club.

The same source also said that Raine Group, the group behind the acquisition of Chelsea by American businessman Todd Boehly, was entrusted by the Glazer family in the sale of MU. After the discussion process, Raine Group did not set a deadline for receiving offers to buy MU. This group also wants to pull the units that have failed to buy Chelsea back and redirect investment to MU.

Forbes estimates MU’s current value at around £3.8 billion. However, ESPN said the Glazers want to push the value of the “Red Devils” contract to £6 billion. Since the beginning of 2022, there have been two successful sports clubs changing owners, Chelsea (£2.5 billion) and Denver Broncos (£3.85 billion).

The Glazer family’s decision to sell MU is supported by the MU fan community. In the latest letter to the team’s leaders, the MU fan representative wrote: “For the past 17 years, the team has been in debt and the results are increasingly falling behind both on and off the pitch. The vast majority of fans. MU agrees that it is time for a change.”

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“Fans want to scrutinize any potential new owners of the team. Most importantly, we ask them not to repeat the mistakes previous owners have made about alienating fans. , which is MU’s biggest asset”.

David Beckham, a former MU player and co-owner of Inter Miami Club, is said to be looking for a potential partner to buy back the old team. In addition, it is reported that the technology giant Apple (USA) has joined the race to own the Old Trafford team. The world’s largest technology company can buy MU at a reasonable price, falling to about £ 5.8 billion.

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