The Google Pixel 8: A Major Camera Upgrade in the Works

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A Sneak Peek at the Future

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro impressed us with their remarkable camera enhancements this year. These upgrades included an extended zoom range, improved image quality across different zoom levels, and a 21% wider ultra-wide lens with autofocus. However, in this ever-evolving industry, new technology quickly becomes outdated. Our attention is now turning towards the highly anticipated release of the Pixel 8 series.

Promising Leaked Information

While it’s too early to make definitive statements about Google’s upcoming flagship phone lineup, a valuable piece of information has recently surfaced. Kuba Wojciechowski, a well-known leaker and developer, has delved into the Google Camera Go app and discovered hints that the Pixel 8 series might feature improved HDR performance[^1^]. Specifically, the app has revealed support for something called staggered HDR.

Unveiling Staggered HDR

Staggered high dynamic range (HDR) was introduced in high-end smartphones in 2021 as a faster and more effective method of capturing evenly-exposed images. With staggered HDR, the camera is able to rapidly capture short, medium, and long exposure shots. This results in two significant advantages: more accurate overall exposure, which ensures that the subject is well-illuminated, and reduced motion blur[^2^].

In contrast, the Pixel 7 series utilizes HDR+ with bracketing. This technique captures five quick short exposures before the user taps the shutter button, followed by one long exposure shot after activating the shutter[^2^].

A New Main Camera Sensor for the Pixel 8

The presence of staggered HDR support suggests that the Pixel 8 series might boast an entirely new main camera sensor. In particular, there are rumors pointing to the adoption of Samsung’s Isocell GN2 sensor, which is compatible with staggered HDR. Given the strong partnership between Google and Samsung, this possibility seems highly plausible. It’s worth mentioning that the current Pixel phones already feature the Isocell GN1 sensor[^3^].

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But the benefits of the GN2 sensor go beyond improved HDR capabilities. It also offers enhanced autofocus performance through its Dual Pixel Pro technology and better image quality in low-light conditions, thanks to larger pixel size[^3^].

Excitingly, these potential camera upgrades signal that the Pixel 8 series could be the most significant leap forward for Google phones since the introduction of the Pixel 6 series.

Looking Forward

While we still have plenty of time before the Pixel 8 series hits the market, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. With such impressive upgrades in the works, we might just be witnessing the most significant evolution of Google’s smartphone lineup yet.



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