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UK Carrier EE Expands and Enhances 4G Network Coverage in Over 500 Rural Areas

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EE’s Commitment to Delivering Reliable Mobile Broadband in Rural UK

In a bid to ensure reliable mobile broadband access for residents in rural areas, the UK government, along with major carriers including EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone, launched the Shared Rural Network (SRN) program in 2020. EE recently shared some of its achievements in relation to its participation in the SRN initiative.

Extensive 4G Upgrades and Expansions

According to EE’s announcement, the carrier has either upgraded or established new 4G connectivity in over 500 locations since December 2021. Since the signing of the Shared Rural Network deal in 2020, EE has enhanced a total of 1362 sites with 4G coverage. As part of their ongoing commitment, EE plans to implement around 900 more upgrades in rural areas by 2024.

Benefits Extending Beyond Rural Areas

While these accomplishments are fantastic news for those residing in rural parts of the UK, it’s worth highlighting that even city dwellers can reap the benefits of EE’s network enhancements and the Shared Rural Network program. How? Well, as EE mentioned, many of these improvements have also strengthened coverage along the country’s road network. So, when you’re traveling during the holiday season, you can expect a better 4G signal.

Enhanced Coverage on Key UK Roads

EE’s network upgrades have had a significant impact on numerous roads throughout the UK. Expect improved 4G connectivity on routes such as the M1, M4, and M6 in England, the A487, A489, and A4212 in Wales, the A838, A85, and A90 in Scotland, and the A1 and A24 in Northern Ireland. Now, you can stay connected while on the move.

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Experience the Full Benefits with a Reliable Phone

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EE Network Upgrade

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