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Understanding the Impact and Role of AI in Contract Management

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Synthetic intelligence (AI) offers a multitude of possibilities in today’s business landscape. The progress of AI is fueled by the constant advancements in computing power and the availability of vast amounts of data. AI, also known as machine intelligence, is a branch of computer science capable of autonomously learning and performing tasks on behalf of humans.

AI has a range of applications across all industries, from product and service enhancements to healthcare. In the field of contract management, where change is frequent and technology adoption is slow, how can AI best serve this profession?

How AI Works in Contract Management

Traditional contract management is manual, time-consuming, and arduous. It wastes valuable time that could be spent on billing clients and generating revenue for the firm. The branch of AI most relevant to contract management is machine learning, which focuses on building algorithmic models to identify relationships and patterns in data.

Implementing AI in contract management involves teaching an AI program to recognize different types of documents. For example, AI programs can learn to distinguish non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in a proposal generation session. The AI can identify NDAs in sets of documents, analyze specific language, and create a series of steps based on your requirements. You can establish rules such as “If this contract is an NDA, send it to employee X for compliance checks.”

AI can also identify patterns in large datasets to establish relationships between contract data. It can detect errors and anomalies and create patterns to optimize contracts. Valuable data can be extracted, such as commonly renegotiated contract clauses and time to sign. This information can be used to improve processes, support negotiation strategies, identify upsell opportunities, and enhance operations over time.

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How AI Delivers Value

Cost Savings and Revenue Gains

A significant portion of attorneys’ work is repetitive, such as conducting due diligence checks for each client onboarding. Using AI to perform compliance checks accelerates the process, leading to faster payments from clients and allowing lawyers to start working on cases sooner. This results in satisfied clients and law firms that receive timely payments.

Increased Productivity

Automating contract management processes allows lawyers to focus on substantive work, knowing that AI is handling contracts and flagging important issues as they arise. To minimize wasted time and money due to inefficient contract workflows, contract administrators need to track the completion time of individual contract tasks and identify tasks that prolong cycle times.

The best legal contract management software automates the contract administration process, improving workflows and facilitating collaboration for faster service. With intelligent workflow automation, contract managers can easily monitor task performance and quickly escalate tasks to ensure a smooth contract lifecycle.

Reducing Risk

AI eliminates guesswork and human error from contract management. When humans copy and paste templates to create contract drafts, important sections can be easily overlooked. Overworked attorneys spend countless hours proofreading documents to ensure all relevant details are included and potential risks are flagged. Inefficient contract management processes can lead to unnecessary risks due to ever-increasing industry regulations.

AI can help reduce the chance of human error by allowing users to select specific clauses for acceptance, rejection, or further review. When a lawyer uploads a new contract, the AI program reviews it, identifies missing or incorrect clauses, and flags the contract for further monitoring. AI can also detect clause deviations, deletions, and contract modifications, offering suggestions to update the contract language.

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AI-enhanced business operations rely on constant analysis to inform legal professionals of changes in client accounts and associated compliance risks. Contract management AI provides insights on client risk scores to accurately calculate the firm’s overall risk. Some contract management software can provide risk profitability statuses and assess potential exposure from contract risks. This software is particularly valuable for showcasing regulatory compliance to examining bodies.

Enhancing Contract Management Performance with AI

Leveraging AI technology streamlines and simplifies tasks related to contract management, enabling law firms to:

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies and associations.
  • Drive business efficiencies and scale up operations.
  • Mitigate risks throughout contract processes.
  • Expedite contract drafting and review to enhance client service.
  • Facilitate faster payments for improved cash flow.
  • Deliver work in a timely manner.
  • Simultaneously analyze and review contracts to reduce manual workload.

AI and Contract Management – Final Thoughts

The impact of AI on business is significant when organizations harness its power effectively. The key is to adopt AI technology to automate manual processes and become more efficient, keeping the firm’s use in mind. Businesses now have access to this technology to start automating manual and repetitive processes, taking steps to scale up operations.

As demonstrated here, AI has numerous potential applications in contract management. It can save your business money, improve operations, and enhance productivity. Isn’t it time to embrace AI in contract management?

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