When Apple Falls Short: My iPhone Adventures with iOS 16

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Siri’s Punctuation Mishap

I rely heavily on Siri as my virtual assistant, especially for setting reminders throughout the day. Prior to the iOS 16 update, Siri would respond with a concise “Okay, added!” It was perfect. However, after the update, Siri started omitting the comma, blurting out “Okay added!” with unnecessary urgency. Thankfully, the issue was resolved in the latest iOS 16.2 update, although the new phrase, “Okay, I added it!” lacks the conciseness I appreciated before.

Cropping Screenshots Gone Awry

Taking screenshots on my iPhone has always been a handy way to remember things. However, iOS 16 introduced confusion and frustration to the cropping feature. Sometimes, after cropping an image, I would save it, only to discover that nothing had been cropped at all. And on occasion, the cropping frame would suddenly jump, completely altering my intended crop. Thankfully, Apple addressed and fixed this issue in iOS 16.1, and it has not resurfaced in iOS 16.2.

The Battery Percentage Indicator Glitch

While conducting charging tests for the iPhone 14 series, I noticed an inconsistency with the battery percentage indicator on the lock screen during charging. For example, the indicator would display 86% while the actual phone charge was at 87%. Although this might seem insignificant, it affected the accuracy of our testing. Thankfully, Apple resolved this bug in the 16.1 update.

Files App’s Identity Crisis

The Files app, which I often use to transfer photos and files to my Windows laptop, experienced erratic behavior after the iOS 16 update. Instead of displaying the most recently-used folder when I attempted to move files, the app would either present the “Browse” screen or, after a few seconds, switch to the correct folder. This inconsistency gave the impression that someone else was remotely controlling my iPhone. Fortunately, this issue was fixed by Apple.

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The Continuing Keyboard Click Delay

For years, iPhones have suffered from a touch keyboard-related bug that can be quite frustrating. Occasionally, the keyboard clicks fail to play as I type, only to suddenly catch up a few seconds later, producing a cascade of delayed clicks. It’s surprising that Apple has yet to resolve this issue. However, considering the complexity of iOS and the multitude of software aspects to address, fixing seemingly simple bugs can be challenging.

Bugs Resolved, Future Beckons

Looking back, it’s remarkable that all the minor glitches introduced with iOS 16 have been resolved, except for the keyboard clicking delay. No software update is perfect, and new bugs sometimes emerge while attempting to fix existing ones. Operating systems like iOS are intricate, with countless developers focusing on various aspects of improving performance and user experience. While the bugs were occasionally frustrating, we can now eagerly anticipate what 2023 will bring, from new phones and tech innovations to potential software updates and bugs.

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