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9 Ways to Improve Time Management Skills when Working from Home

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Many individuals prefer the flexibility of working from home (WFH) because they feel more in control of their work environment. However, there are new challenges that may arise, such as losing focus and poor time management. If you’re already working from home and want to better manage your time, there are steps you can take to improve your efficiency.

Be Intentional

While many people talk about improving their time management skills, only a few are willing to put in the effort. To enhance your time management skills, you need to eliminate old habits like procrastination and multitasking. You also need to develop better organizational skills. It’s not enough to simply talk about improving time management; you need to take action.

Set Your Priorities

Start by listing the tasks you perform every day. Then, create a fresh page and reorder the tasks according to their priority. Place the tasks that have the greatest impact on your work at the top of the list, while those with less significant consequences can be placed towards the bottom. This list will serve as your guide as you embark on your journey to improve your time management skills.

Plan Your Day Ahead

One of the fundamental rules of time management is to work from a list. Creating a to-do list is a simple task. Just list out what needs to be done and allocate a timeframe for each task. Make sure to consider task priority when making your list. Whenever possible, start each morning with the most important task. Often, this task requires the most energy and concentration. Once completed, you can proceed through your day knowing that the other tasks won’t drain you as much as the first one. Create your to-do list the night before to gain insights into your upcoming day. Sometimes, you might discover better and faster ways to approach your work while you sleep.

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Improve Your Work Environment

Many people waste a significant amount of time searching for things they need to do their jobs. If you find yourself spending ten minutes searching for a file, it’s a sign that your file organization system is inefficient. Consider utilizing document automation to streamline your work. Take the time to organize your workspace in a way that everything you need is within reach. This might involve creating a new filing system, getting a cabinet, or designating specific places for certain items. Ensure that your workspace is well-lit with adequate ventilation. Also, identify any distractions in your workspace and remove them.

Delegate Tasks

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s beneficial to seek assistance from others. If you have competent individuals around you, let them handle some lower priority tasks. This will free up your time to focus on higher priority tasks that require your personal effort. Before delegating tasks, make sure that your assistant understands what needs to be done and where to stop. You may also need to check in on their progress to ensure the work is going as planned. It’s also a good practice to show appreciation to your assistant. A small reward can boost motivation and result in better quality work.

Create Free Time when Possible

Strategically use your time to create free time. For example, if you’re commuting, you can check emails or complete reports. If you want to watch a show, do it during your lunch or dinner break. The time you save can be spent on more important tasks or for leisure activities.

Sign Up for a Time Management Course

If you struggle with personal discipline when it comes to time management, consider enrolling in a time management course. There are numerous courses available online. Alternatively, you can hire a personal coach to help you focus on building your time management skills.

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Monitor Your Progress with Timenotes

It’s important to assess whether the time management techniques you’re using are effective for you. Good time management skills should reduce the time wasted on unproductive activities, improve your work quality within a specified timeframe, increase the speed at which you complete important tasks, and reduce stress. Timenotes is a useful productivity tool that can help you track your progress. This free time report app allows you to determine how quickly you’re completing essential tasks. You can compare results to identify improvements in your time management skills.

Reward Your Performance

At the end of each day or week, give yourself a treat. Time management skills are not meant to keep you stressed; they are meant to help you take control of your time and tasks. Since life is measured in time, effective time management also enhances your overall quality of life. Take the time to reward yourself for tangible progress made. The reward should be enough to keep you motivated.

Conclusion: Effective Time Management when Working from Home

Working from home can take some getting used to in order to minimize chaos. One of the signs of poor time management is a stressed or unfulfilling life. With effective time management techniques, you can improve your work quality at home while still enjoying free time with your loved ones. What tips have helped you improve your time management? Let us know below!


Despite the obvious advantages of working from home, there is a possibility of facing new challenges like losing focus and poor time management. Here are 9 tips to improve your time management skills when working from home:

  1. Be intentional
  2. Set your priorities
  3. Plan your day ahead
  4. Improve your work environment
  5. Delegate tasks
  6. Create free time where possible
  7. Sign up for a time management course
  8. Monitor your progress with Timenotes
  9. Reward your performance.

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