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YouTube has gradually become the “babysitter” for the whole world

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Videos on YouTube get millions of views every day, and many of them come from child viewers. YouTube has gradually become the “babysitter” for the whole world, with audiences ranging from preschoolers to teenagers.

Parents and educators have lamented the emergence of television programs that keep children glued to the television after school.

But TV shows are quite different from YouTube. They only last a certain amount of time, the ads are clearly labeled, and must meet certain broadcast standards.

Meanwhile, clips with chaotic, uncensored content can play on YouTube hour after hour. When one video ends, another starts immediately, or kids can tap the long queue of waiting videos. This mechanism of action is similar to that of a slot machine. They are designed to make children want more.

In addition, advertising is also more sophisticated and often intertwines with videos or channels dedicated to purchases.

And more and more content sources are designed with children in mind with fast-paced, bright colors, catchy and addictive music.

What’s more, for teen audiences, the rebellious nature of some YouTubers makes them like them even more. Content that doesn’t need a script has a special appeal to young people who want to find a break between work and other headaches.

YouTube has gradually become the "babysitter" for the whole world 1
YouTube has gradually become the “babysitter” for the whole world 1

YouTube has overtaken TV in terms of teen influence and is targeting younger children.

Now many children see YouTuber as a celebrity, an “idol” and aspire to become a YouTube star as an alternative to hard jobs or a career that can contribute to the advancement of society.

In a survey by the Lego toy company of 3,000 children from the US, UK and China, up to a third of the children surveyed said they wanted to be a “YouTuber” or a “Vlogger” when they were adults. Fort. YouTuber- Vlogger has become the number 1 profession, the leading career of children’s dreams, surpassing traditional prestigious professions such as doctors, lawyers or engineers. This result partly shows the influence of the YouTube world on children today.

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The problem is, there are many parents who don’t know what their kids are watching online, don’t care if their kids discuss it with them when they encounter inappropriate images and problems online. YouTube channels become “babysitters” when parents are having lunch, dinner or something else and need their little one to sit still for a while.

So, why give up? If your child is young, remove YouTube and install YouTube Kids. It’s not perfect, but kids are less likely to find videos with adult content.

Next, use the settings function on Android or iOS to limit the time you use YouTube. While you can’t force your child to give up YouTube entirely, the time limit will help them choose content without going too far.

Nothing can replace your role as a parent. Take time to talk to your child, ask them to share interesting discoveries with you, and discuss content that is confusing or disruptive. Let your child understand that you are not judging, not accusing, but only communicating and guiding.

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